Lara With Me

Lara With Me

Payment Processors : Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, Payza, Bitcoin
Minimum Deposit : $10
Minimum Withdrawal : $0.30
RCB : 5% of your initial deposit



What is Lara With Me?

Lara With Me is a HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) that officially started on 15 June 2016. They are offering a 3% daily return on your investment for a lifetime. You will break even in 33 days and it’ll be all profit after that.

To use Lara With Me, you have to download an app called “Telegram Messenger”. It’s a free instant messaging app that’s available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, MacOS, Windows.

After installing Telegram Messenger in your respective device, you can now activate Lara by going to the website and click on “Activate Lara”

Once Lara is on your Telegram, she will guide you on how to get started.

Watch the video to learn how to get started



Compensation Plan

As an affiliate of Lara With Me, you earn 10% commission on your direct referral’s investment. And not just that, you can qualify to be a representative, and you get to earn from your referral’s referrals, up to 5 levels deep. Here is how the commission structure looks like :

Level 1 – 10%
Level 2 – 2%
Level 3 – 1%
Level 4 – 1%
Level 5 – 1%

To qualify for representative, you need to have at least 50 active referrals, and total team deposits of $50,000.


Risk Level

Lara With Me is categorized as high risk on Here are reasons why we rate it as high risk :

  • They are offering a return of 3% daily for a lifetime. That will sooner or later become unsustainble.
  • While they do show proof of their investment portfolio and how much income they are generating with the investments, it’s a little vague and it doesn’t really show enough evidence of profit. Advantage

If you were to sign up on Lara With Me using our link (below), you will be getting a cashback of 5% of your initial deposit.

Meaning if you deposited $1000, you can request for 5% which is $50.

You can request for RCB by clicking HERE