Innovads Network

Status : Paying
Payment Processors : Perfect Money, Payeer, SolidTrustPay, Bitcoin
Minimum Deposit : $10
Minimum Withdrawal : $5
RCB : None at the moment


What is Innovads Network

Innovads Network is a revenue sharing advertising program that officially started on 09 August 2016. They are offering a a return of 120% or 150% of your investment. The daily percentage varies as they are dependent on the revenue they generate. At the time of writing, they have been paying around 2% daily.

Innovads Network strives to include multiple sources of external income from the income they receive through advertisements. They are sharing all their multiple streams of income to the advertisers who own positions in the system.

Their external streams of income includes an e-commerce platform, mobile apps platform, mobile gaming platform etc.

They will add more platforms over time, which only means that they are going to earn more revenue, which also means we might earn more.


Compensation Plan

As an affiliate of Innovads Network, you earn 8% commission on your direct referral’s investment. And not just that, you get to earn from your referral’s referrals, up to 8 levels deep. Here is how the commission structure looks like :

Level 1 – 8%
Level 2 – 4%
Level 3 – 2%
Level 4 – 2%
Level 5 – 1%
Level 6 – 1%
Level 7 – 1%
Level 8 – 1%

Risk Level

Lara With Me is categorized as mid risk on Here are reasons why we rate it as mid risk :

  • Unlike most revenue sharing programs, they have external sources of income which our team has verified and confirmed.
  • Lots of future plans that’s viable and safe and shows that the company is not here for short term. Advantage

We are currently not offering any RCB advantages for Innovads Network for now. Check back again for updates on our RCB program for Innovads Network.