Cryp Trade Capital






Status : PAYING
Payment Processors : AdvCash, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin
Category : HYIP
Minimum Deposit : $50
Minimum Withdrawal : None
Withdrawal Speed : Instant
RCB : 5% of your initial deposit


What is Cryp Trade Capital?

Cryp Trade Capital is a platform that was launched in October 2016. They are offering a 0.59% to 0.99% daily return on your investment for a year, depending on your investment size. This translates to an ROI of 215.35% to 361.35%. The company is registered in Spain and is holding an international event on February 22 – 26 to bring the platform to the international stage.

Compensation Plan

As an affiliate of Cryp Trade Capital, you earn up to 8 levels of referral commissions.


Risk Level

Cryp Trade Capital is categorized as mid risk on Here are reasons why we rate it as mid risk :

  • They are offering a very low return compared to most platforms.
  • The owner is transparent
  • They have proof that they are actually trading
  • They hold live events Advantage

If you were to sign up on Cryp Trade Capital using our link (below), you will be getting a cashback of 5% of your initial deposit.

Meaning if you deposited $1000, you can request for 5% which is $50.

You can request for RCB by clicking HERE