Status : Paying
Payment Processors : Depend on what your upline accepts. We accept PayPal, Payeer, Payza, Solid Trust Pay, and Bitcoin.
Minimum Deposit : $25
Minimum Withdrawal : $25
RCB : 10%
Other Advantages : Your Referral link on our rotator. Guaranteed 2 sales for you.


What is Easy1Up?

Easy1Up is one of the latest opportunity that uses the “1Up Compensation Plan”.

Once signed up, Easy1Up affiliates directly send between $25 to $500 to the sponsor. Their product line up includes :

  • $25 – Elevation
  • $100 – Elevation Elite
  • $250 –Vertex
  • $500 – Vertex Elite


Compensation Plan

As an affiliate of Easy1Up, you earn 100% commission on each sale. On your second sale, the sale will be passed up to your sponsor, thus making this a “1Up” compensation plan. Your subsequent sales will be yours to keep.

What makes this 1Up plan so effective?

Now that you have passed up 1 referral to your sponsor, all your referrals under you, are required to pass 1 up to you. Those that are passed up to you, will have to also pass 1 up to you, effectively making it an infinite passive income.


Risk Level

Easy1Up is categorized as low risk on FindSuccess4u.com. Here are reasons why we rate it as low risk :

  • The earnings are directly sent to you via another user, it does not go through the website as a middleman. So you are paid instantly and directly.
  • The website is earning a small admin fee per sign up. So they are effectively making lots of money per sign up even though the commission is 100%, making them able to last a long time.


FindSuccess4u.com Advantage

If you were to sign up on Easy1Up using our link (below), you will be getting a cashback of 10% of your purchases.

Also, if you were to purchase the Vertex Elite for $500, we will add you on our link rotator where we will advertise your referral link until you get 2 sales.

This means that you’ll definitely breakeven and profit from joining, with or without your effort in recruiting.

Please send us an email at findsuccess4u@gmail.com if you had signed up using our link and wanna add your referral link into our rotator.

You can request for RCB by clicking HERE